About the Southeastern Wind Coalition

Our Mission

The mission of the Southeastern Wind Coalition is to advance the wind industry in ways that result in net economic benefits to industry, utilities, ratepayers, and citizens of the Southeast.


The region of coverage for the Southeastern Wind Coalition initially included five coastal states:  Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.  Through our work leading the U.S. Department of Energy Regional Resource Center for wind in the Southeast, our territory also includes Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

Top Wind Energy Opportunities for the Southeast
Land-Based Wind
Low-Cost Wind Import
Offshore Wind
Wind Industry Supply Chain

The Southeastern Wind Coalition works to advance the land-based and offshore wind industry in the Southeast. We focus on supply chain growth, economic development, job growth, and wind energy development in the region with solutions that are beneficial to industry, beneficial to utilities, and result in net economic benefits to citizens and ratepayers. The Coalition takes an objective, transparent, data-driven, and economically focused approach to advance the industry and inform policy discussions while working closely with utilities via a Utility Advisory Group (UAG) to find mutually beneficial solutions.

Our key members include industry (e.g. manufacturers, utilities, suppliers, developers, consultants, service providers), appropriate government bodies (economic developers, commerce departments, energy offices), academic and research institutions, and other non-profit groups that share our objectives. The Coalition is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.