Sept 11-12, 2013

Charleston Area Convention Center
Charleston, SC

Wind Conference


Day 1 (Sept 11)
8:30 - 10:00 Welcome & General Session; Keynote Address
10:00 - 10:30 BREAK
10:30 - 12:00 Land-Based Wind in the Southeast - A Primer Offshore Wind in the Southeast - What are the possibilities? Existing Supply Chain Assets in the Southeast
12:00 - 1:30 LUNCH
1:30 - 3:00 Permitting & Regulatory Outlook - How land-based wind gets done in the Southeast Offshore Wind in the Southeast - Answering the "why?" and the "how?" Supply Chain - Building on what we already have in the Southeast
3:00 - 3:30 BREAK
3:30 - 5:00 Utilities General Session
5:00 - 7:00 RECEPTION
Day 2 (Sept 12)
7:30 - 8:30 BREAKFAST
8:30 - 10:00 Stakeholder Engagement for Land-Based Wind Development Offshore Wind Research, Policy, and Wildlife - What can speed us up or slow us down? Infrastructure in the Southeast
10:00 - 10:30 BREAK
10:30 - 12:00 Panel Discussion: Offshore Wind Global Leaders and Lessons from Europe

Detailed session descriptions are below.


Day 1 - September 11th

8:30am - 10:00am  |  Opening General Session

Morning General Session & Keynote Speaker

Welcome and Sponsor Recognition by SECWC

  • Brian O'Hara, President, Southeastern Coastal Wind Coalition
  • Jen Banks, Director of Operations, Southeastern Coastal Wind Coalition

Welcome to Charleston Area

  • North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey
  • Charleston Mayor Joseph Riley

European perspective on the offshore wind industry and Alstom's interests in the Southeast.

  • Daniel Castell, Offshore Wind Platform Director, Alstom Power

Economic Development Benefits of Land-Based Wind

  • N.C. State Representative Bob Steinburg, R-District 1 (Camden, Chowan, Currituck, Pasquotank, Perquimans, Tyrrell)

10:30am – 12:00pm  |  Breakout Sessions

Land-Based Wind in the Southeast - A Primer
Technological advances in low wind speed turbines, with taller towers and longer blades, have opened up the Southeast to land-based wind development.  This session will provide the basics of the wind resource in the Southeast, potential barriers for wind development, wind development successes for possible replication in the region and an overview of the region’s current wind industry assets.

  • Joshua Kaplowitz, Associate, Crowell & Moring LLP.  Moderator
  • Joseph Owen Roberts, Engineer - Wind Technology Deployment, National Renewable Energy Laboratory.  Land-based wind resource in the Southeast.
  • April Montgomery, Principal, REAP.  Developer's experience addressing barriers to wind energy.
  • Scott Kuhlke, Development Manager, OwnEnergy, Inc.  Positive wind project experiences.
  • Kacey Hoover, Regulatory and Policy Analyst, N.C. Sustainable Energy Association. NCSEA Industry Census.

Offshore Wind in the Southeast - What are the possibilities?
With over 60% of the total East Coast shallow water offshore wind resource, the Southeast states from VA-GA are set to be major contributors to the U.S. offshore wind industry.  This session will cover the offshore wind resource in the Southeast, the BOEM efforts to determine suitable lease sites from VA-SC, research assets in the region and the relevance of the Southeast’s regulated utility market on offshore wind efforts.

  • Hamilton Davis, Energy & Climate Director, South Carolina Coastal Conservation League.  Moderator
  • Bruce Bailey, President/CEO, AWS Truepower, LLC. Southeast offshore wind resource potential and geophysical attributes.
  • Will Waskes, Oceanographer, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.  Overview of offshore wind constraints mapping in the Southeast.
  • Ralph Nichols, Senior Fellow Engineer, Savannah River National Laboratory.  Southeastern regional research assets and collaboration opportunities.
  • Perrin Dargan, Of Counsel, K&L Gates LLP.  Utility structure in the Southeast and why it is relevant.

Existing Supply Chain Assets in the Southeast
The wind industry supply chain consists of companies involved in all aspects of wind development – from manufacturing to construction and maintenance companies.  This session will provide an overview of all wind supply chain assets in the region and highlight specific companies engaged in different aspects of the supply chain.

  • John Sibley, Senior Policy Fellow, Southface.  Moderator
  • Christy Omohundro, Regional Representative - East, American Wind Energy Association.  Overview of supply chain assets in the Southeast.
  • Nikki Dodd, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Hailo LLC.  Hailo's activities in the Southeast.
  • John Saleeby,  VP Strategic Initiatives - North America, ABB Inc.  ABB's activities in the Southeast.
  • Christian Kissinger, CEO, Saertex.  Saertex's activities in the Southeast.

1:30pm – 3:00pm  |  Breakout Sessions

Permitting & Regulatory Outlook - How land-based wind will get done in the Southeast
Wind project permitting involves local, state and federal agencies as well as input from various stakeholder groups.  This session will discuss permitting issues in the Southeast, wind integration strategies, state of the art wildlife research and policies that can be used to support wind in the region.

  • Steve Levitas, Partner, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP.  Moderator
  • Bruce Burcat, Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Coalition.  Policies to support wind energy in the Southeast.
  • Geoff West, Senior Regulatory Specialist, Normandeau Associates, Inc.  Permitting in the Southeast.
  • Dale Strickland, President and Senior Ecologist, Western EcoSystems Technology, Inc. State of the art wildlife issues.
  • Luis Cerezo, Technical Executive Renewables, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).  Wind integration.

Offshore Wind in the Southeast - Answering the "why?" and the "how?"
Offshore wind provides huge economic opportunities for the U.S. and the Southeast.  This session will focus on those opportunities, policy options to help make them reality and innovative collaborations to suit the Southeast’s utility structure.

  • Mary Hallisey Hunt, Senior Research Associate & Director of Operations, Strategic Energy Institute - Georgia Institute of Technology.  Moderator
  • Craig Houston, Senior Strategy and Policy Consultant, GL Garrad Hassan.  Five Killer Apps of Offshore Wind Prosperity.
  • Lewis Milford, President, Clean Energy Group.  Collaboration opportunities for the Southeast.
  • Jen Banks, Director of Operations, Southeastern Coastal Wind Coalition.  Why offshore wind in the Southeast?

Supply Chain - Building on what we already have in the Southeast
The Southeast’s 65+ wind related manufacturing facilities support thousands of wind energy jobs without a single utility scale wind turbine installed.  This session will discuss options for attracting additional supply chain companies and provide guidance to companies interested in joining the supply chain.

  • Mark Fishbaugh, Senior Vice President, Marsh.  Moderator
  • Bruce Hamilton, Director - Energy, Navigant.  How to create new opportunities in the supply chain.
  • Cai Steger, Associate Director - Energy and Transportation Program, National Resources Defense Council.  Wind industry workforce needs and job growth.
  • Robert Carey, Director - Economic Modeling Laboratory, Strom Thurmond Institute, Clemson University.  Overview of South Carolina Wind Energy Supply Chain Survey and Offshore Wind Economic Impact Study.

3:30pm - 5:00pm  |  Afternoon General Session

Utilities General Session
Attendees will learn about the unique advantages for wind development in the Southeast - including large electricity markets coupled with fast growing populations and a manufacturing/construction cost advantage.  A moderated utility discussion will follow on topics such as market making, economic development and demand forecasts.

  • Brian O'Hara, President, Southeastern Coastal Wind Coalition. Moderator
  • Elizabeth Kress, Principle Engineer - Renewable Energy, Santee Cooper
  • Bob Long, General Manager - Resource Planning, SCANA / SC Electric & Gas
  • Will Hobbs, Research Engineer - Renewable Energy, Southern Company
  • Guy Chapman, Director - Renewable Research & Program Development, Dominion Power
  • Sam Waters, General Manager - Transmission Planning, Duke Energy


Day 2 - September 12th

8:30am - 10:00am  |  Breakout Sessions

Stakeholder Engagement for Land-Based Wind Development
Open dialogue with key stakeholders is essential for successful wind projects.  This session will provide a developer’s perspective on effective stakeholder engagement, public perceptions of wind energy and a discussion of processes to evaluate and mitigate potential impacts.

  • Tim Oakes, Marine Renewables Leader, Kleinschmidt.  Moderator
  • Craig Poff, Director - Business Development, Iberdrola Renewables. Developer insights for effective stakeholder engagement.
  • Alec Jarvis, Senior Planner - Ecological Services, Kleinschmidt.  Examples of successful community and stakeholder engagement.
  • Mike Aimone, Executive Director, DoD Siting Clearinghouse.  Siting Clearinghouse process.

Offshore Wind Research, Policy, and Wildlife - What can speed us up or slow us down?
Offshore wind development in Europe has been underway for over 20 years, but the U.S. has yet to install an offshore project.  This session will discuss recent efforts to move the industry forward and road blocks that we still face.

  • John Shaffer, Chief Project Manager, Ocean and Coastal Consultants.  Moderator
  • Paul Gallagher, Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel, Fishermen's Energy.  Federal policy (what is possible and what is not); Fishermen's Energy activities in N.J.
  • Molly Plautz, Supervisor - Alternative Energy Solutions Initiatives, Dominion Resources Services Inc.  Dominion's offshore wind demonstration project.
  • Catherine Bowes, Senior Manager - Climate & Energy, National Wildlife Federation.  Environmental outlook: right whale MOU and other industry/NGO collaborations.
  • Brian Krevor, Environmental Protection Specialist - Office of Renewable Energy Programs, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.  Overview of BOEM research in the Southeast and additional research needs.

Infrastructure in the Southeast
The Southeast has several ports that are well suited for offshore wind activities in addition to infrastructure assets in rail, road and airport connections.  This session will assess the region’s ports in light of offshore wind activity requirements and will highlight the Clemson Drivetrain Testing Facility.

  • Robert Matthias, Assistant City Manager, Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Moderator
  • Vikash Patel, President - Logisticus Projects Group, Logisticus Group.  Southeast infrastructure overview and needs for the wind industry.
  • Gary Norton, Senior Wind Energy Specialist - U.S. Department of Energy/SRA International.  DOE's Offshore Wind Infrastructure Assessment Projects - applying the new Ports Analysis Tool to the Southeast.
  • Nick Rigas, Associate Director, Clemson University Restoration Institute.  Challenges to introducing new technologies to the offshore wind market.

10:30am - 12:00pm  |  Closing General Session

Panel Discussion: Offshore Wind Global Leaders and Lessons from Europe
The panel discussion will focus on the European consortium approach to offshore wind development with teams that often consist of utilities, developers and manufacturers.  Representatives from each of these groups will discuss their involvement in existing consortia and the applicability of such efforts to the Southeast will be assessed.

  • Henry Campen, Partner, Parker Poe.  Moderator
  • Carolyn Heeps, Development Strategy Manager, RES Offshore.  RES involvement in development consortia.
  • Doug Copeland, Regional Development Manager, EDF Renewable Energy.  EDF's involvement in French development consortia.
  • Jens Eckhoff, President, German Offshore Wind Foundation.  Offshore wind in Germany.
  • Jeff Kehne, Lead Counsel, Offshore Wind Development Coalition.  Applicability of European development strategies to the U.S. and the Southeast.

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