Amazon Wind Farm Tour a Huge Success

SEWC, Avangrid Renewables, and Representative Bob Steinburg hosted two tours of northeast North Carolina's Amazon Wind Farm US East for members of the North Carolina General Assembly this month. This tour was made successful by collaboration with other clean energy stakeholders in the state.

One of the tours was preceded by a meeting organized by Representative Bob Steinburg for local County Commissioners to meet with Speaker Tim Moore and other Representatives.  Check out the Daily Advance article for details on this meeting.

Avangrid developer, Craig Poff, took 13 State Legislators and staff as well as six County Commissioners for a tour of the project, including the chance to step inside a turbine tower.  The Legislators had a chance to see, hear, and touch the project first hand.  They were able to see thousands of acres being farmed in harmony with clean energy generation.  The overall sentiments were very positive with comments recognizing the importance of this rural investment, energy independence, and the incredible scale of this impressive technology. Many attendees posted their views on social media after the tour, including Speaker Moore.

The Speaker released a statement shortly after the tour acknowledging wind as "...a valuable natural resource our state has to offer..." as well as saying that the "...concerns raised by the military are being addressed." This statement comes after several members of the NC General Assembly, including Speaker Moore, signed onto a letter to the Secretary of Homeland Security Secretary, General John Kelly, asking DHS to shut the Amazon Wind Farm down due to concerns over its impacts to the Navy's long range radar system. While the Navy released a statement saying they were satisfied the mitigation measures resulting from Avangrid's two years of studies and collaboration with the Navy would not create conflicts with the system, the tour served to highlight these efforts for members of the NCGA with lingering concerns. The full text of Speaker Moore's statment can be found below.






Representative Tim Moore

Speaker of the House




January 24, 2017


Contact: Joseph Kyzer



House Speaker Tim Moore Tours Wind Turbines


Raleigh, N.C. – Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) joined fellow state House membersTuesday to tour the Amazon Wind Farm turbines that are operational in eastern North Carolina. 

Speaker Moore issued a statement after touring the turbines:

 “I appreciate the time and input of everyone who participated in the tour today.  This was a valuable learning experience for me and my House colleagues to tour the first wind energy facility of its kind in North Carolina.


The Amazon Wind Farm is new to North Carolina and takes advantage of a valuable natural resource our state has to offer.  If we work together, our state can successfully balance the concerns of our military service members interests with major new developments like the Amazon Wind Farm to ensure the long-term vitality of renewable energy resources and military installations on our coast.


Based on the information I have gathered today and over the past several weeks, it appears the initial concerns raised by the military are being addressed.  I agree with the Navy that further research is critical to ensure this project does not create conflicts with our critical military operations on the coast.”