SEWC and ScottMadden Examine Wind in the Southeast

ATLANTA, GA – (September 20, 2017) – ScottMadden, Inc., one of North America’s leading energy consulting firms, and the Southeastern Wind Coalition (SEWC) have partnered in an effort to better understand the opportunities and barriers facing wind energy in the Southeast. Over the past year, the pair conducted research and interviewed utility executives, wind developers, and other stakeholders to develop a formal report for the SEWC board of directors on the prospects for three specific wind opportunities in the Southeast: onshore wind, offshore wind, and wind imports. The report, “Understanding Wind Energy Potential in the Southeast,” provides an overview of the approach and key findings from the Opportunities and Barriers analysis.

The Southeast currently lags other regions of the country in wind energy development. In order to advance wind energy development or imports in the region, it is essential to first understand the opportunities and barriers facing each state. This analysis provides a clear framework to accomplish this goal and develop an informed strategy for the future.

“Understanding why the southeast lags in wind development is not as simple as one might think. By identifying the nuances of each state, SEWC is bringing a greater awareness to all stakeholders which should only increase the likelihood that these issues can be addressed,” said Chris Vlahoplus, partner and clean tech & sustainability practice leader at ScottMadden and board of directors member at SEWC.

“Both the process and findings of the analysis have been invaluable to the SEWC organization,” added Katharine Kollins, president of SEWC. “Working with ScottMadden's incredibly knowledgeable consultants has been truly rewarding. Being able to complete our research utilizing a detailed and defined process has resulted in a much more holistic view of how wind energy is developed in the Southeast."

The full findings are available to full and board-level members of SEWC. To join, please visit the SEWC web site.