What We Do



The Southeastern Wind Coalition focuses on education and outreach to advance the wind industry in the Southeast. We take an objective, data-driven, and business-focused approach to understanding and communicating the economic case for wind energy in the Southeast.


Utility Advisory Group

Electric utilities will play a critical role in the growth of the wind industry in the Southeast. Our regulated and vertically integrated utility model presents unique challenges and opportunities that require a different approach in this region compared to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. There are plenty of groups that consistently apply public and political pressure to utility companies in order to accelerate their deployment of renewable energy. That is not the role the Coalition plays. Instead, we work closely with utilities to identify options that are attractive to all parties.  More >


Supply Chain Initiatives

Despite the very small amount of utility scale wind installed in the region, there are at least 112 manufacturing facilities in the 11 Southeastern states that provide components to the wind industry.  Typically, you see manufacturing occurring in proximity to project installations - but these facilities have been located in this region because of lower labor costs.  As land-based projects are developed in the SE, and especially offshore wind projects, we can expect to see the supply chain grow.  SEWC has created a supply chain map that provides information on all of the companies involved in the full wind industry value chain in the Southeast.  The map includes companies that are currently engaged in the industry as well as those that have the potential to become involved in the industry.   Add your company to the online database.  More >