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Economic Development Advisory Group

Economic Development Advisory Group PHOTO: Iberdrola Renewables


The purpose of the Economic Development Advisory Group is to foster discussions among economic developers in the region around areas of potential collaboration.

A regional approach to industry recruitment and economic development, while not typical, has some significant advantages in attracting the emerging offshore wind industry supply chain.

A More Compelling Story

The supply chain for the emerging offshore wind industry will be very large and incredibly diverse.  It requires everything from shipbulding capabilities, steel mills, and large foundries to fiberglass plants, gearbox manufacturers, and electronic controls.  It requires marine industries, transportation infrastructure, service companies, and manufacturers for the approximately 8,000 components in a wind turbine.

No single state excels in everything the industry needs, so a single state's sales pitch to industry will always have gaps.  With skilled workers and highly competitive labor markets, the Southeastern states are each very attractive in their own right.  But combining the strengths of the Southeastern states into a cohesive regional supply chain offering for industry creates a very compelling solution that is both high quality and low cost.

Compete Over a Bigger "Pie"

Economic developers exist to compete over new jobs, and we are under no illusions that this competition will cease.  But by coordinating on regional marketing efforts where possible, the Southeastern states may be able to offer the industry a comprehensive and compelling supply chain solution, essentially attracting a much bigger portion of the overall supply chain to the region and providing for future component export opportunities.  Competition won't go away, but competing over a a bigger "pie" makes everyone better off.

Interested in Participating?

We expect to begin convening our first Economic Development Advisory Group meeting sometime in 2013.  If you are involved in economic development at the state, regional, or local level and would like to be involved, please contact us.