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Central Oceans USA
Main phone: 540-529-0035

Adam Bird – – 3038685098

Ben Goldwasser – – 5405290035

Thomson Silvers – – 4343903026

Central Oceans is a global logistics service provider specializing in the transport and handling of large, out-of-gauge cargos. We plan and execute supply chains for OEMs, developers, commodity traders, and EPCs. Central Oceans is one of the only North American logistics providers with a proven track record delivering European offshore wind projects. Through our office in Antwerp, Central Oceans has provided logistics services for approximately 30% of all offshore wind projects in Europe - this includes transport of foundations (jackets, gravity based, and monopiles), transition pieces, and offshore substations. In addition, Central Oceans USA has extensive experience transporting WTG components for onshore wind projects in North and South America.

Central Oceans USA's facilities in the Southeast

Main Office
698 Berkmar Circle
Charlottesville, VA 22901

Central Oceans USA maintains a head office in Charlottesville, VA with an additional office in Jacksonville, FL. Additional team members are located throughout the United States in support of our projects.

Facility currently provides the following components or services:

Professional Services
Field Services
Logistics / Transportation

Facility does not currently but could provide the following components or services:

Environmental Services
Operations & Maintenance
Other Services

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