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INCIE Corporation

INCIE Corporation
Main phone: 9016799871

Cedric Divine – – 901/679/9871

Drone services for wind turbines. Including inspections and detections of cracks in the propellers of the wind turbines

INCIE Corporation's facilities in the Southeast

1017 Grouse Meadows Dr
Cordova, TN 38018

We provide the following services using the latest in drones and image technologies for the following services: 1. Construction – all types of inspections 2. Agriculture – specialty services such as crop-dusting, applying fertilizer 3. Energy – inspections and data capture for research, and maintenance 4. Search & Rescue – unmanned to minimize risks to the labor force 5. Data Collecting – research and explorative project endeavors

Facility currently provides the following components or services:

Field Services
Logistics / Transportation
Operations & Maintenance
Transmission / Electrical Services

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