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Main phone: 800-581-7654

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Metglas, Inc., located in Conway, SC, is a world's leading producer of Amorphous Metal Ribbon. Metglas Amorphous Metals have a unique non-crystalline structure and possess excellent physical and magnetic properties that combine strength and hardness with flexibility and toughness. Our amorphous alloys can significantly reduce the losses that occur in transformers in comparison with Grain Oriented Electrical Steel (GOES) due to superior soft magnetic characteristics (amorphous structure and thin), which contribute greatly to energy conservation and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Metglas and Metglas products help companies around the globe reduce operating costs, strengthen energy conservation efforts and increase application efficiency.

Metglas's facilities in the Southeast

440 Allied Drive
Conway, SC 29526

Metglas is located in Conway, South Carolina Plant Size: 151,000 ft2 (14,030 m2) Plant Commission: April 1989 MetglasĀ®, Inc. will lead the world in amorphous metals production and casting technology. We will strive to meet our customers highest expectations, using the creative input of all employees to continuously improve our products and processes.

Facility currently provides the following components or services:

Transmission / Electrical Services

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