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Plastic Solutions, Inc.

Plastic Solutions, Inc. is primarily engaged in manufacturing synthetic resins, plastics materials, and nonvulcanizable elastomers. Important products of this industry include: cellulose plastics materials; phenolic and other tar acid resins; urea and melamine resins; vinyl resins; styrene resins; alkyd resins; acrylic resins; polyethylene resins; polypropylene resins; rosin modified resins; coumarone-indene and petroleum polymer resins; miscellaneous resins, including polyamide resins, silicones, polyisobutylenes, polyesters, polycarbonate resins, acetal resins, and fluorohydrocarbon resins; and casein plastics.

Plastic Solutions, Inc.'s facilities in the Southeast

Plastic Solutions, Inc.
324 Tiney Rd
Ellenboro, NC 28040-7611

Headquarters and Distribution

Facility does not currently but could provide the following components or services:


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