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Valmont Newmark

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At Valmont Newmark, we are helping to revolutionize the way engineers plan and execute transmission, sub-transmission, distribution and substation projects. As the country's only provider of spun concrete, tubular steel and hybrid poles for the power delivery industry, Valmont Newmark offers utility engineers a seamless blend of custom solutions for diverse applications in their power delivery projects, maximizing their economic benefits. From transmission, sub-transmission and distribution poles to substation structures, our products can be ordered, fabricated and delivered to any site, in any combination of concrete, steel, or hybrid (concrete/steel). That means engineers have the flexibility - through one company - to customize segments of a line with poles fabricated out of materials suited for the environment. The final result is a line that is more cost effective, aesthetically pleasing and durable.

Valmont Newmark's facilities in the Southeast

Valmont Newmark
2 Perimeter Park South
Birmingham, AL 35243


Facility currently provides the following components or services:

Transmission / Electrical Services

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