Northeast North Carolina Chambers Support Wind

Wind energy can be a boon for rural economies. The tax revenue and landowner payments, combined with the millions of dollars in private investment, can have a serious positive impact in a community. These benefits are part of the reason why six Chambers of Commerce spread across eastern North Carolina signed a letter supporting investments in wind and solar projects. In the letter, the six Chambers ask legislators to "oppose legislation that would create unneccessary roadblacks to wind farm development". 

Currently, the North Carolina General Assembly is considering S. 377, a bill that, as written, would be incredibly damaging to the wind industry in the state. S. 377 started as a permanenet ban on wind projects in the vast majority of coastal North Carolina, but was amended to a three-year moratorium. If 377 passes, it would directly follow a state-wide two-year moratorium the General Assembly passed in 2017.

Business voices in North Carolina, and across the country, recognize the opportunities that come with wind farm development and the wind component supply chain.