Fact Sheets

South Carolina Offshore Wind

Learn how South Carolina can capitalize on an entirely new business opportunity and capture a portion of the thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in opportunities for U.S businesses. 

North Carolina’s Offshore Wind Opportunity

North Carolina's Offshore Wind Opportunity

Virginia Offshore Wind Fact Sheet

Offshore wind hasa bright future in Virginia, thanks to a history of support

Virginia Fact Sheet

Virginia is poised to be a leading state for both land-based and offshore wind in the Southeast. This fact sheet lays out the state of wind in Virginia and the many ways Virginia's economy can benefit. 

Wind Energy Permitting and Siting

An overview of the regulations and laws that cover the siting of wind farms

Supply Chain Fact Sheet

The Southeast contains a significant portion of the countries wind energy supply chain despite having few operational projects. This fact sheet highlights many of the benefits the wind energy supply chain provides to the region.

Wind and the Military Fact Sheet

You don't need to be either pro-wind or pro-military. This fact sheet identifies ways that wind farms can co-exist with military bases without compromising the preparedness of the base and touches on some of the benefits wind energy can provide. 

Wind Farms and Agriculture

Wind farms and farmers can form a perfect partnership. Find out all the benefits wind farms can provide to farmers, as well as the local economy. 

NC East Wind Economic Development

Details of the tax payments, landowner payments, and other local benefits that stem from wind farms in the state of North Carolina.