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Storymap: Offshore Wind in North Carolina

Opportunities for energy independence, sustainability, and economic development.

Created by Juli Schroeger

North Carolina Offshore Wind Cost-Benefit Analysis

Over the next decade offshore wind is expected to play a significant role in decarbonizing the U.S. electric sector, and especially along the East Coast. When states are considering offshore wind goals, they will certainly evaluate the myriad of associated costs and benefits. This analysis was developed to help decision makers quantify some of the economic development and environmental benefits associated with offshore wind.

NCTPC Offshore Wind Study

 The Southeastern Wind Coalition (SEWC) requested a study from the North Carolina Transmission Planning Collaborative (NCTPC) of the feasibility and costs of injecting up to 5000 MW of offshore wind power at up to 3 sites in eastern DEP, or possibly connecting to and wheeling offshore wind power from Dominion Virginia Power (Dominion, DVP).