Annual Reports

2019 SEWC Annual Report

2019 accomplishments and goals for 2020

2018 SEWC Annual Report

Read about our accomplishments in 2018 and our plans for 2019.

2017 SEWC Annual Report

Check out what SEWC has done in 2017 and our goals for 2018!

2016 SEWC Annual Report

Our 2016 SEWC Annual Report provides highlights of our work in 2016 as well as outlines our goals for 2017.

2015 SEWC Annual Report

The Annual Report provides an overview of what SEWC accomplished with our members' support in 2015 and what is planned for 2016.

2014 SECWC Annual Report

Our 2014 Annual Report highlights the efforts and successes of 2014 and gives a glimpse into our focus for 2015.