Recording for “The $100 Billion Offshore Wind Industry: The Economic Opportunity for North Carolina”
SEWC Webinar Recording, September 01, 2020

With $100 Billion in economic investment and 80,000 jobs in play with the US offshore wind industry, what is the opportunity for North Carolina? As the state’s economy begins to rebuild, offshore wind development with its potential for a localized supply chain, can be a path forward in creating new opportunities for investment while supporting our state’s existing manufacturing strengths.

Rewatch our event which includes the below industry experts including BVG Associates, winner of N.C. Dept. of Commerce’s offshore wind supply chain and infrastructure study as well as economic development leaders about the opportunity ahead for North Carolina and how the state can benefit from offshore wind development and the vast supply chain needed to support it.

- Chris Chung - CEO, Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina
- Chad Beard - General Manager, Nucor Corporation
- Amy Braswell - Executive Vice President, Ahoskie Chamber of Commerce
- Andy Geissbuehler - Advisory Director, BVG Associates


Recording for “Offshore Wind 101: North Carolina - Expert Q&A”
SEWC Webinar Recording, August 21, 2020

A follow up to our webinar last month, join us for this Q&A-only opportunity to ask industry experts your questions on industry trends, the development process, supply chain considerations, and details on what will be North Carolina’s first offshore wind farm, the Kitty Hawk Offshore Wind project.


SEWC PRESS RELEASE: N.C. Commerce Announces Award for OSW Studies
SEWC Update, August 13, 2020

Team Led by BVG Associates Receives Funding from N.C. Commerce to Support the State’s Position to Capture the $45B Investment Opportunity of Offshore Wind


Recording for Offshore Wind 101: North Carolina
, July 22, 2020

In case you missed our webinar on July 22nd, find the recording at the link below


Our view: Let Them Build Wind Turbines
Winston-Salem Journal, April 08, 2019

It’s not only the eastern part of the state that recognizes the benefits wind power brings to the state of North Carolina!